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Authorized NAT Repair Services Europe | Geautoriseerd NAT Reparatie Service

Manufacture NAT AUDIO design and produce High-End vacuum tube based preamplifiers, integrated and power amplifiers. The main features are triode configuration, short signal path and zero feedback.

AudioCare is your Authorized Service Point in Europe for NAT AUDIO products, and we will solve the problems for your NAT AUDIO.
If you have problems with your NAT device please contact us by e-mailfill in the contact form and we will give you the information how to handle. Please click here to see our technical department location in Holland.


  • AudioCare Service Center
  • Enschede, Netherlands
  • Lang: Ger-Eng-Dutch
  • support@audiocare.nl
  • No schematic support!!!
  • Business hours: Tue. - Fri. 10:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday 10:00 - 12:00
  • Closed on Sunday & Monday

Eén van onze werkplekken

One of our workplaces

This is one of our ESD workplaces where some smaller devices such as CD players will be restored. For the big tough guys, we have a gauntry on correct height where we standing perform the repairs.

NAT "Transmitter HPS" Hybrid Power Supply


NAT "Single" Dual Mono Block 


NAT "Transmitter" Mono Block

Subwoofer reparatie